Nara: A guide,a friend and also a HERO !!!

I was walking among the Kathmandu street in my early days in Nepal when I met Anuj, he asked me about Dike, my dog and we started talking. An hour later,I had booked with him two different trekking-Annapurna Circuit and Everest Base Camp. “I will provide you the best guide ever he said me”.

The day before leaving for the trek I had to meet this FABULOUS Guide and Anuj introduced me with Nara, my guide for the next 12 days for Annapurna circuit.

This was not my first trek, my very first one was the Tamang Heritage Trek. I did it with some french guys and I realized that a guide is not really needed but after that trek my thoughts went to this country and the hard situation from which it had to pass through and I realized that taking a guide is first of all a way to help this people with their fair work and moreover, that you have the chance to spend a lot of time with a real Nepali guy and who, knows, maybe he will become your good friend also forever.

Nara seems simple person but really very professional at first glance. I was really happy to do trek  with him.

The day after, at 6 o’clock in the morning we left for Beshisahar,Lamjung district. Our trekking was started at this day. I will not explain you every step of our trip, I want that you came here to discover it yourself. What I want to say, however, is that Nara lead and help me to bring Dike up to Thorong-La Pass and I can assure you that there up in the mountain every people that see Dike was surprised and I sincerely think that Dike can be the first non Nepali dog who go up until 5416 m. !!!

Nara had not only leaded us in a beautiful way, he really take care of us. He even PROTECT us ,we felt so on the way !

We were on a narrow path along the mountain, we passed near a single house in the forest, we briefly saw the house when 4 big, wild and white dogs run out from the door barking and growling. I start screaming at them in the attempt to scare them but it seems that wasn’t too much effective. So,I start running up the mountain with Nara behind me, throwing them small stones to keep them far away.

After 5 minutes we were quite distant from the house but still the dogs are following us. I can not run anymore, I fell on the ground and I saw Nara still throwing small stones to the dogs. After that moment they stop, they look at us meaning “okay, now you are scared enough” and they went back on their way. I seriously believe that if there was not Nara in that narrow path the end of the story would be quite different.

But Nara is a young man with good purposes/thoughts and I could discover it speaking with him. He speaks Nepali, a little bit of Indian/Hindi, he can understand all different Nepali languages, he speaks also fluent English, some french and now some words of Italian, specially all the words that I used with dike along the trek ! AhAh !!

Nara is married and he has a cute son and we speaks a lot about his life and his job. During one of our night/evening conversation (during the walk most of the time I was breathless) I told Nara about my blog and my changes of life. After a while the man explain me that he also want to start a trekking blog and he tried with a nice Swiss guy long time ago. But he did not work any more for this one because of less ideas about this. Since now that blog seems not so effective-it seems just started.

At the end of the trek I had no money to give Nara as a tips(at this time I am very very short of money) but I have my skills, so I gave Nara a new blog, effective and more useful than the previous one. This is the first real act of help in Nepal by Dikesalute and we are very proud of it. We made that to a man with a bold meaning in his name, Nara, in fact, means Man, so, in a certain way of view, the first aid of Dikesalute was towards Nara-“The Man”.

Finally we hope that this new instrument for Nara’s work can help him to get more friends from all over the world to lead among the most beautiful mountain that I ever see.

I seriously recommend him for anyone who want to come and trek/hike in Nepal !

Be the change that you want to see in the world…Thank you !!!

Simone & Dike

From Italy

April ,2016.


2 thoughts on “Nara: A guide,a friend and also a HERO !!!

  1. Dike….kudos to you for your effort to help out Nara. He was my guide a couple of years back before the quake and I, on behalf of my family truly appreciated his sincerity, honesty, due vigilance to his “flock” and his knowledge in ensuring our safety to-fro Kathmandu.. Up till today, we are still very much in contact as I look forward to having him as my guide for the Annapurna circuit in the later days.

    Nara….keep up the good work.

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